DAPT and DES in coronary artery disease: Is it time to revisit the guidelines? – Part 2


In the second part of the webcast, organised by Cardiovascular News, with an unrestricted educational grant from Medtronic, Azeem Latib presents data demonstrating that DAPT longer than 12 months increases the risk of bleeding; he also talks about differences between first and second generation DES and their impact on DAPT duration. Sigmund Silber speaks about the results of the RESOLUTE clinical programme. After these presentations, the physicians discuss the benefits and challenges of prescribing DAPT for 12, six, three and less than three months. They also talk about the differences between discontinuation and interruption of DAPT, in specific cases, with second generation DES and the role of bioabsorbable scaffolds to determine DAPT duration. Flavio Ribichini moderates the discussion. 

Click here to watch the first part of the webcast on past and current DAPT and DES guidelines.