Cordis granted CE mark for Railway sheathless access system

Cordis Railway

Cordis has received the CE mark for its new Railway sheathless access system, which is now available in select countries across Europe. Railway is indicated for use in radial arterial procedures requiring percutaneous introduction of intravascular devices.

The device is designed to enable direct access to the radial artery with a guiding catheter and eliminates the need for an introducer sheath, which reduces the size of the arterial puncture site up to 2F compared to a conventional sheath system. The device is compatible with Cordis 5F, 6F and 7F guiding catheters of any shape, including dedicated radial shapes.

The device is designed to fit either Cordis Vista Brite tip or Cordis Adroit catheters with smooth transitions from guidewire to dilator and dilator to guiding catheter.