CID announces CE mark of its new Avantgarde cobalt chrome Carbostent


CID has announced that its latest non-drug-eluting stent, Avantgarde, has received CE mark. According to the company, Avantgarde represents the latest and most advanced drug-free technology for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

CID claims innovative concepts and solutions have been implemented in all the device components that impact on product performance.

The Carbostent coronary systems have established unprecedented standards in percutaneous coronary revascularisation with excellent clinical and angiographic results in particular in the treatment of patients with a high risk of thrombosis (acute myocardial infarction).

Avantgarde brings forward the stent performance introducing:

  • CarbofilmThe latest stent coating developed by CID allows a further increase in pure carbon atoms’ density while reducing its overall thickness to <0.3μm. This innovative technology leads to a coating structure more similar to diamond and to its exceptional bio/haemo compatibility, allowing an extremely fast endothelialisation. Carbofilm represents a bio-inducer surface.
  • New stent strut shape designed to reduce strut thickness up to 70μm and obtain very smooth and round strut edges for an optimal blood flow dynamics and improved 3D stent flexibility.
  • Two different delivery systems developed to maximise product performance in every vessel size focusing on device trackability, crossability, pushability, precise positioning, and balloon inflation/deflation and stent expansion.

Together with these solutions Avantgarde obtained the CE mark for acute myocardial infarction indications. The device allows physicians to adjust dual antiplatelet therapy duration to patient needs.