CardioCel to feature at prominent heart valve conferences


Admedus’ CardioCel will be featured in a number of presentations at the American Association for Thoracic Surgery (AATS) Mitral Conclave 2015 meeting (23–24 April, New York, USA) and the 95th AATS Annual Meeting (25–29 April, Seattle, USA).

The lead regenerative tissue product CardioCel will be discussed in presentations at the AATS Mitral Conclave 2015, an event which focuses on the repair of the mitral valve.

Then, at the AATS Annual Meeting, Admedus will sponsor the “Congenital Skills Hands-On Wet Lab” for surgeons to experience using CardioCel in 3D-printed heart models.

This will be complimented by a number of presentations from world renowned surgeons during the conference. Admedus is also hosting the “Twenty First Tissue Engineering Expert Review” at the AATS.

CardioCel is a single-ply, bio-scaffold for surgeons to use in the repair of congenital heart defects, heart valves and vascular repairs. “Admedus continues to work with leading surgeons to illustrate and demonstrate the utility of CardioCel in cardiovascular surgery”, said Admedus chief executive officer Lee Rodne. “The product’s ease of use, lack of calcification and key characteristics make it a superior tissue product in these surgical applications.”