Cappella Medical introduces new longer Sideguard coronary sidebranch stents


On 22 June 2011, Cappella announced the availability of new longer stent sizes to the Sideguard line of products. The new stent sizes have a 14mm working length which is 75% longer than the existing Sideguard stents.

Approximately 10% of lesions in the coronary sidebranch are longer than 7mm. These longer lesions therefore required a second straight stent after the initial Sideguard was placed at the ostium of the sidebranch. Now, with the new longer length Sideguard the need for an additional second stent will be minimised or even eliminated.

Farzin Fath-Ordoubadi, consultant cardiologist and Cath Lab director at the Heart Centre, Manchester Royal Infirmary, commented on his experience with implanting the first 14mm Sideguard, “I am pleased that Cappella has expanded their product line to include longer lengths. This may facilitate the use of only one stent in the majority of cases that would have previously required a second straight stent to be placed distal to the Sideguard. My experience with the new 14mm Sideguard was positive and it allowed me to effectively treat this lesion.”

The new longer Sideguard stents both have a working length of 14mm and come in diameters to treat vessels ranging from 2.50mm to 3.25mm. The new stent systems are built on the same Sideguard platform that protects the ostium of the coronary artery while preserving the sidebranch. The new stents are currently available for sale throughout most of Europe and South America.