Audio: Interview with Prof Didier Carrié


Prof D. Carrié speaks to Lisa Glass, from the Cardiovascular News team, about progress in percutaneous coronary intervention. He explains why the the drug eluting stent penetration is increasing, and comments on the status of emerging technologies such as biodegradable stents, drug-eluting ballons and transcatheter heart valves.   

Prof Didier Carrié is director of the Interventional Cardiology Unit at the Cardiovascular Division of Rangueil Hospital in Toulouse, France. He is the principal investigator in France for national and international trials concerning new generation of drug-eluting stents. 

Additional Features

Drug eluting stent penetration in Western Europe has increased by 4.1% in just one year. This is one of the latest findings from BIBA Research’s long-running European Cardiovascular Monitor. Physicians can click here to view the latest findings from this report.