Arterys partners with GE Healthcare to launch new cardiac imaging platform


Arterys has launched the Arterys system, an intelligence platform designed to enhance standard medical imaging by enabling clinical visualisation and accurate quantification of blood flow inside the body. According to a press release, the platform incorporates seven dimensions of data—three in space, one in time and three in velocity direction—to improve diagnoses in cardiac medicine.

The Arterys system was launched at the 101st Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago, USA, as part of GE Healthcare’s ViosWorks, a platform which reduces magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) assessment to less than the time of conventional cardiac scans. According to a press release, ViosWorks will provide 3D cardiac anatomy, function, and flow in one free-breathing, 10-minute scan with cloud-based, real-time processing of images at resolutions previously unattainable.

Ioannis Panagiotelis, chief marketing officer, Global MR at GE Healthcare, says, “We believe that this cloud-enabled technology will help us to provide value not only for clinicians by delivering advanced visualisation and quantification of cardiovascular function, but [will] also help simplify cardiovascular examinations and address significant patient needs in cardiovascular disease.”

In November 2015, Arterys and GE Healthcare entered into a partnership to include the Arterys System in new GE Healthcare MRI machines. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Fabien Beckers, founder and CEO of Arterys, says, “This pivotal milestone for the company is directly in line with our vision to transform medical imaging by bringing automatic quantitative data and deep learning to healthcare applications through a GPU smart cloud platform that can be applied to many areas of medical imaging including neurology and oncology.”

In addition to the launch of the Arterys System, the company completed a $7 million Series A financing led by Emergent Medical Partners, including participation from Norwich Ventures, AME Cloud Ventures, Morado Ventures and Asset Management Ventures.

“This financing will allow us to expand our efforts in machine and deep learning for medical imaging, validate our innovative approach, and bring our imaging platform to new medical applications,” continues Beckers. “We are extremely pleased to welcome thought leaders in the field of machine learning and medical imaging as part of this investment round.”