AorTech sign development agreement with Vascular Flow Technologies


AorTech, a biomaterials and medical device IP company, has signed a development agreement with Vascular Flow Technologies for the development of its synthetic heart valve project. The execution of the Agreement, details of which were contained in the AorTech’s announcement of 21 May 2018, follows a period of Technology Transfer where a detailed review of AorTech’s historic data, testing and designs was undertaken by the team at Vascular Flow Technologies.

The project to be undertaken involves detailed computational modelling and analysis of AorTech’s heart valve, leading to further design optimisation, manufacturing and testing with the objective of preparing a detailed data pack to justify first “in human” testing of this technology.

Bill Brown, chairman of AorTech, says: “In partnering with the team at Vascular Flow Technologies, AorTech now has access to Europe’s leading experts in the combined field of medical imaging, guided Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics. Combining the design history with this ground breaking imaging analysis should much improve the quality of the product design, reliability and performance.”

Craig Dunlop, general manager and Director of Vascular Flow Technologies, comments: “The team at VFT has been very impressed with the quantity and quality of data that AorTech has been able to demonstrate to us. We are very excited to be a key partner in the development of the next generation of prosthetic heart valves which should represent not only a step change in performance, but dramatically reduce the cost to manufacture these life enhancing devices.”


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