OrbusNeich releases next-generation coronary scoring balloon


OrbusNeich has launched the Scoreflex NC, a non-compliant scoring balloon targeting more resistant lesions. The product is a focused force dual-wire balloon system built to facilitate controlled plaque modification with strength and accuracy.

To help cardiologists manage increasingly complex cases, the Scoreflex NC ‘s new design is intended to allow for a more robust material to handle resistant and calcified lesions, while maintaining the lowest crossing profile of any focused force angioplasty device.

Other features of the Scoreflex NC include a continuous metal construction from hub-to-tip, designed to allow for excellent pushability, a Tri-Zone tip for smooth crossing of lesions and a lubricious coating to reduce friction. It is recommended for use in lesion preparation, ostial lesions, calcified and fibrotic lesions, long diffuse disease and in-stent restenosis.

“Our current Scoreflex offering is one of the fastest growing products in our balloon portfolio and reflects to the need for better lesion preparation. The market has requested a non-compliant version of this device so we are proud to be able to meet this demand by engineering a product with many improvements to the original design,” says David Chien, chairman of the OrbusNeich Board. “We anticipate that the Scoreflex NC will…help tackle the complexities of resistant and calcified lesions”.